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Company Profile

Achech Group was founded  in 1979. Before that, The main stockholders of Achech had been the skilled engineers of agent and distributor of well-known manufacturers such as Vogt, Lunkenheimer, KITZ, Fisher, Motoyama, Miyawaki etc for 30 years.

Achech UK Limited started in 2016 in Birmingham, United Kingdom as the new Headquarters for Achech Group, replacing Achech Europe s.r.l. which has held the status of HQ since 1980. Achech UK Ltd is currently the main base of production for the entire Achech Group and we are focused on producing various types of industrial grade valves and pressure vessel equipment, specialising in high pressure, high operation temperature applications commonly found in powerplants, petrochemical plants, and refineries.


The factory is well equipped with a plenty of advanced testing and manufacturing facilities which guarantees the conformity of our products to the most rigorous of quality requirements from our customers. With 40 years of experiences from site maintenance and services under our belts, we know exactly what the end user needs and demands from our products and projects we supply. Ease of usage, maintenance, and durability are all key elements to meeting the end users’ requirements, and that’s why we made it a key point to integrate these elements into our manufacturing process.


Currently, there are over 200 employees and over 20 skilled engineers under the Achech Group focusing on the production of both semi-machined intermediate products and fully tested complete products. Achech Group has a very established network of stocking and distribution facilities and independent distributors across the globe in Singapore, USA, the Middle East, China, and Taiwan.


With the rapid expansions being made in recent years and in the foreseeable future, Achech group is, and will be ever improving on exceeding the demands of our customers.